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The Digital Marketing Trainings / Workshops provided by iCubesKonnect are totally student oriented for conceptual understanding of online marketing so that they meet industry expectations while on boarding internet based companies. This will be further supplemented by training manuals that will be shared with every attendee. A list of topics to be covered in the training are provided below:-

Digital Marketing Training / Workshop - Overview

Digital Marketing is the new age medium for marketers to reach out to consumers for brand promotions. It includes both offline and online channels to market products and services. Apart from commonly used online channels like email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and display ads it also covers channels like SMS and MMS which doesn’t require internet. Social media which has been the flag bearer for digital marketing was introduced for in-person interaction, but leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have transformed into digital marketing tools which widely in use now.

  •   Introduction to Digital Marketing
  •   Comparison of Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing
  •   Digital Marketing Industry Growth
  •   Discussion on E-Commerce
  •   Different forms of Digital Marketing
  •   Digital Marketing as a Tool of Success for Companies
  •   Future Prospects in Digital Marketing
Types of Ecommerce

For most of us electronic commerce means doing business online or selling and buying products and services through Web storefronts. To get a deeper understanding of e-comm concepts, it is imperative to determine the basis and reasons of categorizing e- commerce businesses. The most important parameters to be considered for such categorization are types of goods/services sold and nature of participants

Search Engine Optimization

The sole objective of SEO is to increase website visibility to internet users and increase traffic on it. SEO is based on search engines functioning, what people search for, the actual keywords used for searching and which search engines are frequently used by their targeted groups. Search engine optimization is vital to a business because almost 90% of all online traffic is achieved through the various search engines. Although getting high traffic is one of the key goals of SEO, it is equally important to retain existing traffic. Website owners need to maintain a fine balance between attaining a better search engine rank and quality of their site. This is an ongoing process so regular updates for improvements are needed.

  •   Introduction to Search Engine
  •   How Search Engine Works
  •   Keyword Analysis
  •   Optimization Techniques :-
    • on page optimization techniques
    • off page Optimization techniques
  •   Reports
  •   Search Engine Algorithms
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing also considered the Game Changer refers to the process of gaining traffic or promotion through social media networks. Social media enables marketers to target audience at personal level. Social media is widely used in marketing, sales, customer service and other business activities. Social media also helps in building links that in turn support SEO results. It’s quite obvious that social media will continue to be an important component in the scheme of things for marketers and business owners when it comes to brand promotion and two way interactions with customers.

  •   Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  •   Advanced Facebook Marketing
  •   Twitter Marketing
  •   Linkedin Marketing
  •   Google Plus marketing
  •   Pinterest Marketing
  •   Social Media Analytical Tools
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another form of online marketing which involves website promotion by increasing its visibility among search engine results. It can use SEO for higher ranking in search engine results pages or Paid per click listings. As increasing number of consumers are turning to search engines to look for required products and services it has become imperative to increase website visibility through the SERPs.

  •   PPC Overview
  •   Market Review
  •   Writing Display Ads
  •   Bidding
  •   Tracking
  •   Report and Analysis
Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a form of Direct Marketing to send out commercial messages to potential or current customers .Marketers are heavily dependent on Email Marketing for promotions, Lead Generation and Customer Loyalty. Marketers use both transactional mails which are triggered by events or customer’s interaction with a company and direct mails to broadcast company’s promotional communications.

  •   Email Marketing Overview
  •   Database Management
  •   Customer Acquisition and Retention Techniques
  •   Email Newsletters
  •   Tracking and Reporting
  •   Best Practices
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where an advertiser/ business owner rewards affiliates for every single user that the affiliate brings to the advertiser’s site. Four key players in affiliate marketing are merchant (advertiser or brand), the ad network containing offers for affiliates to choose from, publishers also called affiliates and the customer. Affiliate Marketing overlaps with other forms of online marketing to a great extent as regular online advertising methods are used in generating web traffic for advertisers.

  •   Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  •   Different Forms of Affiliate Marketing
  •   Lead Generation and Sales through Affiliate Marketing
  •   Global Use of Affiliate Marketing
  •   Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing
Web Analytics

Web Analytics in an integrate part in digital marketing which covers key aspects like measuring web traffic, advertisement campaign evaluation, market research and to figure what works in getting customers to the website. It is also used to determine which part of the site is generating traffic and which part needs improvements.

  •   Introduction
  •   Google Analytics overview
  •   Traffic Sources
  •   Goals & performance metrics
  •   Actionable Insights
  •   Web analytics tools
  •   Role in Decision Making
  •   Common mistakes to be avoided
  •   Social media analytics
  •   Social CRM & analytics