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Digital Marketing is being accepted all over the world as a potential tool for promotion. From Digital India Programme to small businesses in India, the marketing strategy is showing its potential. Many times it is taken for granted by brands and they spend immensely in other conventional methods like Print and TV etc. Let’s take a journey to see the power of Digital Marketing.

  • Bridging the Gap

Usually, only e-Commerce platforms have been seen promoting brand through online promotional strategies. But, Digital Marketing keeps the potential to bridge the gap between online and offline. A mortar store can increase the footfalls through the combination of social media and content. Long back in April 2010, McDonald’s had made the successful use of it.

On April 16, 2010. It was the Foursquare day for McDonald’s. People were asked to visit the store and post it on Foursqaure, it also announced to give $5 – $10 gift card to the first 100. All this increased foot traffic in the store and the positive response on Foursquare was the long run benefit.

  • Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is the first step towards promotion of any brand. Orabrush did it very smartly. They posted many funny videos related to the bad breath. While it was hitting hard to the problem, it also made people laugh and ultimately it won the recognition as a brand.

Serving a content that touch the emotion of the people and make the brand a ‘problem solver’ is the right strategy for brand recognition. Not only through videos, it can also be done through articles and native ads published on different channels.

  • Brand Engagement

In the present scenario Brand Engagement is the need of the hour. Otherwise, customers don’t take time to try another brand. It’s important to make them feel that the brand cares about them and listen to them. In 2013 Coke published 1200 articles and told happy stories, it engaged people by inviting them to tell their stories. It also launched a blogger contributor network called “The Opener” for the people who had some happy stories to tell.

Measuring the Power :

The most positive attribute of digital marketing is that it is affordable. All the aforesaid brands had nothing to do online and two of them were doing well with traditional promotional strategies as well. But, connecting with audience online can give substantial benefits to them as well. This also proves their visionary approach to plan and execute the marketing strategies which makes them different from others.

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