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Digital Marketing has changed the view of marketers. It’s not about reaching masses, now it entails reaching individuals. The different approaches of digital marketing efficiently convince the prospects. The biggest factor of using Digital Marketing is to tap the larger user base, which is feasibly available on the internet.

Marketers are now attending Digital Marketing Workshops in India to explore more about it. Marketers need to perceive the fine lines of the promotional strategy. Let’s have a look at the 5 online trends which a digital marketer must not overlook-

  1. Get Data Driven

    The execution of digital marketing has become completely data driven. You need to collect data and then decide your strategy after fully analysing it. The technology is continuously being upgraded to provide precise data about the audience. Users are now tracked irrespective of their devices. This helps to gather information about the behaviour of an individual across all the devices.

  2. Mobile Web Formula

    Those who have still not learned the formula of mobile web are on the verge of lagging behind from their competitors. Even, Google advocates the mobile and therefore, prefer responsive websites in SERP. Now, people use the internet on mobile more than desktop and therefore marketers should make sure providing a better experience of their brand through websites on mobile or mobile apps.

  3. Leveraging Social Media Platforms

    Social Media is another platform that gives the opportunity to reach a large mass. For instance, out of 400 million internet users in India 140 million uses Facebook and this is just the beginning. But, marketers should keep in mind that the intention of the user using social media is to collect information. So, they should be provided with information about the brand, unlike paid search advertising.

  4. Remarketing

    An individual sees a lot of things across the internet. So, they should be retargeted if they have purchased a product long back or have visited your website. In order to bring better results, you should combine remarketing with event tracking. Event tracking helps the marketer to retarget the user effectively by having a better understanding of his behaviour.

  5. Making the Most of High Bandwidth Era

    The choice of audience is changing frequently and you need to reach the platform which they are using the most. High bandwidth era of 4G gives unprecedented video watching experience. Marketers also need to reach the same platform with different types of videos about their brand. Since, the video is giving wings to display advertising, an approach of digital marketing.

In the End

These are the 5 most important digital marketing trends need to be implemented today. There is a lot to come in digital marketing. Marketers must keep an eye on the changing trends and execute them instantly. Digital Marketing is not just about doing, it’s about learning and doing every time.

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