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The stature of digital marketing is known to everyone. Marketers and entrepreneurs are investing money in different components of digital marketing to reach the tech-savvy user base available through the internet. Being highly dynamic and momentous is the forte of the promotional strategy.

Brands are constantly hiring digital marketing professionals as well as seeking the benefits from the expertise of outsourcing companies. Students having a degree in marketing are immensely in demand but they disappoint the recruiters if they lack digital marketing knowledge.

To meet the high-end technology and today’s marketing expectations, colleges and B-Schools should incorporate Digital Marketing Training in their curriculum in India. Here are 5 reasons that entail upgraded marketing skills with the proficient knowledge gained through Digital Marketing Training in India and help marketers to have a bright career.

Let’s find the 5 reasons how digital marketing can bring momentous growth in your career and learn how to implement the most sought after promotional strategy of this millennium –

  1. Rising use of mobile to open emails

Everyone is witnessing the growing number of smartphone users. Not only the number is rising, the time spent with the smartphone and the desire to make it multi-functional is also increasing. Such tendency affects email marketing as more and more users are opening their emails in smartphones. Thereby arousing the necessity of responsive promotional emails to bring more conversions.

According to a report on Direct Marketing studied by Movable Ink, 68 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2015. It clearly translates into that those who are not making the use of mobile or responsive emails are missing the lion’s share.

  1. Influencer marketing gaining popularity

Influencer marketing is one of the newest components of Digital Marketing and it has gained a great momentum in the last few months. 61 percent of marketers in the US are planning to increase their budget in influencer marketing according to a study by Augure published on eMarketer. They have acknowledged the importance of influencers available on the digital platform who can give them satisfactory results at economical prices which are hard to avail with a TV celebrity.

  1. Increased Use of mobile for shopping

Customers have become demanding and marketers are bound to calm their fussy nature. Customers are now getting into the habit of obtaining everything with a few clicks of the mouse and are doing shopping anywhere anytime from their mobile phones boosting the growth of m-commerce.

If you are waiting for customers in your shop then open your eyes and give heed to the prediction of eMarketer that more than half of the transactions for online shopping will take place from mobile in the US in 2017 where the country was expected to hit 200 million online shoppers in 2015, according to Statista.

  1. Mushrooming Social media user base

You can miss a large mass of targeted user base if you are not reaching them through social media. The number of social media users in the world is significantly rising. The 3 billion internet users are present on one social media channel or another where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the leading social media channels.

The recently launched social media channel is vigorously gaining popularity and catching the attention of marketers. ‘SnapChat’ doubled the number of video shares in just 3 or 4 months from 4 billion in September 2015 to 7 billion in January 2016 according to Bloomberg News which is something that catches the attention of marketers.

  1. The World is transforming into a global village

Digital Marketing lets the marketers sprawl to the distant corners of the world. Marketers in India don’t have to restrained to 400 million internet users in India rather they can reach 3 billion internet user base of the world at the same cost. Therefore, it can be said that the world is transforming into a global village where there are no boundaries for marketers of digital marketing.

Learning the Marketing Lesson :

The marketing scenario has changed completely. Now, brands need to pay equal attention to the customer experience as they do with product quality. They should be available on all the platforms to be under the reach of their customers. Creating multiple touch points and reaching targeted customers from all available sources is the need of the hour.

Brands can look for digital marketers while consulting manpower in India and upgrade their marketing team with all the necessary arms required to fight the competition in the digital world.

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