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Technology has already blown away the world and made it compact whereas digital marketing made it more convenient for anybody to go online, do anything and stay connected.

Digital marketing is something in which traditional marketing is done using the web tools. It includes Search Engine optimization, Social media marketing, Search Engine marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing, display marketing, influencer marketing and more.

From ancient times, marketing has been meeting the customers’ demands; digital marketing does more of the same with real-time results.

While other industries are struggling with 4-5% growth, Digital marketing has nailed it with 40% growth. And now the demonetization move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will only push this growth trend further. Use of plastic money will raise the bar of digital India campaign.

Digital marketing industry is worth $68 Billion. As per a research, in 2016 advertising through mobile and tablets grew 200%, that’s worth $6billion and would reach $7.8 billion soon. These stats give an idea of the scenario of digital marketing 2017.

Major scopes in Digital Marketing in 2017:

  • Live video will be trendy
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Native ads will continue to swing
  • Technology has already blown away

Digital marketing 2017 seems a great year with:

  • Marketing automation
  • Increasing mobile usage
  • New payment methods
  • Conversion optimization
  • Virtual reality
  • More customers oriented relationship

The world is going Digital. All the brands, and B2B and B2C are using digital powers to sustain and grow. Digital marketing in 2017 will be tactical. Yet more new players will join the game. And it holds great prospect for digital marketing aspirants as well as digital marketing training providers.

As day by day digital marketing is emerging, you should also upgrade your skills to perfectly bind with the industry. You may enroll with a digital marketing training provider and make the plunge. There are many in metro and tier 1 cities who offer courses for beginners.

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