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In recent years, Influencer marketing has been assimilated to advertising. Simply put, it is often misunderstood as a buzz to some greater goals. But that’s just not true. Influencer marketing allows a better control than buzz while passing on the information. It’s a complex process beyond influencing customers. It focuses targeted actions linked to certain communication operations. That’s why it’s important.

Influencer marketing is an art of personal branding and Influencers are the trump cards marketers use to reach out to the targeted audience on social media channels – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. Influencers are the brand advocates who act between brands and customers. This technique benefits both the brands and influencers.

To dictate the targeted audience while running the campaign influencers act as key leaders. In 2016 many small and renowned brands have used influencer marketing and it has come out to be fruitful for them. Here are some facts which unveil the importance of Influencer marketing:

  • As per the survey, 81% of the marketers who have used influencer marketing have drawn success.

  • For every dollar spent on influencer marketing — marketers are generating up to 20$ in return (Averaging at $6.50). With these strong returns, everyone’s scrambling to get in on the action before it’s too late.

  • About 93% of marketers have found influencer marketing effective for increased brand awareness. Influencers have thousands (and some even millions) of followers.
  • About 76% of marketers say influencer marketing has helped them build loyal customers.

Continuing this trend in 2017, some challenges need to be addressed for better influencer marketing campaign:

  • Identifying the right influencer
  • Finding the right engagement tactics
  • Measuring the performance of the campaign
  • Keeping track on influencer activities
  • Finding budget for the campaign

Dive to 2017 with Influencer Marketing

As the above stats shows how influencer marketing is exponentially growing, there is no doubt that influencer marketing is here to stay for long. Here are some predictions for influencer marketing in 2017.

  • Increase in micro- macro influencers
  • Authentic influencers will be in demand
  • Technology driven approach to locating influencers
  • Influencer marketing will move into new platforms like messaging apps

Shape Your Influencer Marketing Campaign According to Following Trends:

  1. Offer something valuable to the influencer to earn the trust and build a brand.
  2. No need to rely on mega influencers to support your brand – 82% marketers are likely to follow a micro-influencer.

  3. Build stronger influencer relationship.

    In the marketing race, you need to beat other brands. So, to attract the best influencer you should carefully manage your relationships with influencers:

  4. Measurements will play a Vital Role

    Measurement of ROI and performance, both play the vital role to evaluate success. Both quantitative and qualitative measurements are important.

  5. Jelling artificial intelligence with influencer marketing will help you to track ROI.

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