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It’s just a few years back when Digital Marketing was in the nascent stage in India. Those who believed in the power of this promotional strategy were majorly investing on search engine optimization. But with the passage of time digital marketing kept growing in India. The growth perpetuated by getting empowered with email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, native advertising and now a budding but influential strategy called ‘Influencer Marketing’ is gaining traction.

The marketers have had Digital Marketing Training in India or the students have got enrolled themselves into it are well versed with the latest technologies and marketing strategies evolving in the market. Influencer marketing is one of them empowering Digital Marketing Influence.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is actually utilizing the influence of others for brand awareness, customer acquisition, and other marketing objectives on digital media channels. Out of more than 198 million internet users in India, some has acquired a great fan following through blogs and social media and such people are known as ‘influencers’ in Influencer Marketing.

How does it Influence Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is composed of various means of reaching a wide mass of audience with defined objectives. But, it makes a difference since it uses a single voice to influence audience on a large scale on digital media channels potentially. It is something like a brand name referred to your close acquaintances or leading light.

It is faster to reach audience since the platform has been already laid by the influencers and reaps high results in terms of increased ROI. It is accessible to all large as well as small and medium enterprises. Brands just need to find the right ‘influencer’ over digital media.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • It effectively reaches a large mass of audience without making marketers find and reach the relevant audience one by one.
  • It boosts the social influence since the message shared by the influencer over the web is further made viral by sharing on social media by their fans or followers.
  • It is non-intrusive marketing method.
  • The customers acquired are supposed to have good lifetime value as they are acquired by such sources.

Getting Influenced

It’s high time for marketers to get influenced by digital marketing if they are still away from such a thriving industry. Students who are Digital Marketing job seekers should keep them abreast of the latest trends in the industry to get the right job. The Influencer Marketing is all set to grow as it is being talked about in mainstream events of digital marketing and has begun to get embraced by entrepreneurs.

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