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Digital Marketing is evolving as a future asset for marketers. People who have perceived it, have started working on it like Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media network. It’s leaving no stone unturned to have more and more users, giving unparalleled user experience and dominate the digital marketing platform. Let’s have a sneak peek into the future of digital marketing with Facebook’s stats and learn the importance of Digital Marketing Training in India as well as other emerging markets.

  • Facebook Users in India

There are 400 million internet users in India and the social media network Facebook has 142 million monthly active users. Out of those users 133 million access Facebook on mobile according to the information given to MediaNama by the company itself.

Further, 69 million users in India use Facebook daily out of which 64 million access it on their mobile phones. Moving further to worldwide stats Facebook app alone has 1.5 billion monthly active users, its photo sharing app Instagram has 300 million users, while both the chat apps WhatsApp and
Messenger have 900 million and 700 million users respectively.

  • FB’s strategy for expanding Digital Marketing

What makes Facebook has such a huge user base while the company says it’s just a starting. The team is working tirelessly to provide an unbeatable user experience in any condition and on any device. The company recently rolled out a new kind of ad format to back low bandwidth emerging markets with good video experience.

To bring more and more people online, the company is not dependent only on government and local internet service providers. It has invested in non-profit organization ‘Internet.org’. It has also taken an initiative to let people access the internet for Facebook and other apps free of cost by partnering with the local service providers for a service called ‘Free Basics’.

Future plans of Facebook also include providing the internet to the areas that don’t have the support of cell towers or fibre optic cables by launching its first solar-powered aircraft. It is also tailoring its app to work better in 2G connections since it knows very well that emerging markets like India and Africa have a majority of 2G connections.

  • Small Screen Playing bigger role

A big chunk of internet users is accessing the internet on their mobile phones. Facebook had already made mobile its priority while others were doubting. Today, the company is reaping 82% of its revenue from mobile only. By being available on mobile, brands can expand their reach to the umpteen numbers of customers. Marketers can have a better understanding by attending Digital Marketing workshops in India about the future of digital marketing.

  • Digital Marketing getting new dimensions

Facebook has clearly understood the importance and the influence of Digital Marketing. The strategies and facts about the company would also inspire other marketers to learn and start with digital marketing in India in addition to traditional marketing.

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