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Importance of Influencer Marketing in 2017
In recent years, Influencer marketing has been assimilated to advertising. Simply put, it is often misunderstood as a buzz to some greater goals. But that’s just not true. Influencer marketing allows a better control than buzz while passing on the information. It’s a complex process beyond influencing customers. It focuses targeted actions linked to certain …
Influencer Marketing can be deemed as the newest member of digital marketing fortifying its power in marketing industry. It has been known that word of mouth is true and fruitful promotional strategy but executing it was never as easy as it is now with influencer marketing. Still there are many business who are spending boatloads …
It’s just a few years back when Digital Marketing was in the nascent stage in India. Those who believed in the power of this promotional strategy were majorly investing on search engine optimization. But with the passage of time digital marketing kept growing in India. The growth perpetuated by getting empowered with email marketing, affiliate …
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